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Brakes in London - When should you replace? 

It can be a bit confusing when deciding upon the best time to get new brakes.

Usually your car tends to give you signals as to when it needs replacement of its brakes; you just have to be mindful of the following signs:

  • A hard brake pedal 
  • A loss of efficiency during braking, longer stopping distances 
  • A squealing sound when the brakes are applied
  • Locking of rear wheels during braking
  • The vehicle “pulling” to one side or other when braking.

If your brakes are showing any of the above mentioned symptoms then you need to get them checked asap. 

State of the Art Depots & Peace of Mind.

Our branches in Hanwell or Chiswick have all the latest mechanical and diagnostic equipment to enable our specialist brake technicians to work on any vehicle. 

To give you complete peace of mind all the parts we use are manufactured to the highest international standards and will not cause any warranty issues with manufacturers.

  • All work is double checked 
  • We double check all fixings & mounts
  • Top up and check on all fluids
  • Check pads and discs are aligned correctly

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